Janie McLean
'A Jennie Madison Story'
"Secrets of the Future"

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Janie Mclean has combined Sisterhood with the Supernatural, as her characters struggle for a normal life and a sense of self.

  "Secrets of the Future"

Some secrets hide more than is obvious to the human eye...

Mylan’s a small friendly southern town  –  until a rich investor from San Francisco shows up to deliver bad news of the town’s demise and to offer a solution. A savior for the community? Or a wolf at the town’s gate? Or worse: a threat to the sacred secrets buried beneath the high school grounds.

No ordinary hair stylist, Jennie Madison survived a rough childhood to run a beauty salon which is the center of Mylan’s gossip and activity. With an uncanny ability to think her way through the most complicated schemes, Jennie is guided by a supernatural guardian who has been with her since childhood. Her teenage daughter, Taylor, is about to experience her own mysterious and romantic encounter with an unusual and sexy young man.

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